[SURBL-Discuss] German spam crap

Smith, Eric eric.smith at sage.com
Mon May 16 17:38:14 CEST 2005

Excellent thank you.  I wasn't sure if the actual sites they were linking
were involved.


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> So I saw the rule, but will any of the links in most of the messages be
> added to SURBL?  It's my understanding this is virus related coming
> sometimes from internal hosts infected with a new class of virus that will
> turn the infected PC into a spam host.  We do filter internal mail for
> also so I thought I would check if the links in these messages will
> eventually make it to SURBL.

No, since the sites itself didnt do the spamrums, but were just abused 
also. And no, thats not SURBL material...

>> http://mailscanner.prolocation.net/german.cf
>> Ruleset to stop the Sober crap thats been going around like crazy
>> currently. The political spams written in german language...
>> Hopefully it will help some people to stop this crap.

So get the ruleset if you wanna filter those.

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