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Tue May 17 02:37:46 CEST 2005

>> All DNS provided by:
>> nserver:
>> nserver:
>> And all domains registered to:
>> owner:        Roelf Van der Brug
>> email:        admin at
>> address:      Singel 2
>> address:      Jordaan
>> city:         Amsterdam
>> state:        --
>> postal-code:  1015JT
>> country:      NL
>> phone:        +31 84 220 2586
>We have seen fake registrations before, and this also fits there. 
>Amsterdam is 020. not 084. The PO code fits Amsterdam however.
>status:       lock
>owner:        Mohammad Khan
>email:        admin at
>address:      Kizilelma Caddesi No
>address:      Findikzade
>city:         Istanbul
>Funny, we have seen that also before.
>Discuss mailing list
>Discuss at

	The postal code would be correct, if it was on land, but for the on
the docks (and this is a boat slip), the proper postal code is 1013JT.

	Also, there are two variants of the Istanbul address, one has just
"No" at the end, the other is "No. 62" - It is actually a rug shop in the
bazaar.  The "really" old registrations used taiwantelco. com as the email
domain and dnst. net for name service.  (I have found over a hundred, before
I started using other people's data - from Joe Wein's, Bill Stearns' and a
few other peoples collected and published lists I've found a few hundred
more.)  My favorite's are still the ones which use the address from the
Beverley Hills 90210 TV show (mostly a couple of months ago).

	The most recent Turkish address, Pakistani telephone number, and email
they are using is (Note: there is a bazaar at Oguzhan Caddesi No. 1 that fills
the entire block - this address does not exist, but the telephone is a valid
mobile phone registered in Pakistan and the email is functional):

		Gulhan Ozgur
		Oguzhan Caddesi No:2 Kat: 2
		magicgoodman at

	Paul Shupak
	track at

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