[SPAM-TAG] [SURBL-Discuss] Would SURBL block Yahoo redirect?

Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Tue May 17 08:51:47 CEST 2005

On Monday, May 16, 2005, 11:11:46 PM, J. Fowler wrote:
> Hello,

> Is this something Yahoo should be concerned with?


> Would SURBL lists flag 
> spam if the leading url was yahoo?

No, but SURBL lists don't flag anything.  That's left to the
application using SURBLs.

> http://rds.yahoo.com/*-http://www.thelumbercartel.com/

In the case of SpamAssassin, it would check thelumbercartel.com
and also yahoo.com (SA 3.X, but not SA 2.64).  If
thelumbercartel.com were blacklisted, then it would get caught.

> I caught a few spams using yahoo to disguise their URL. saw somthing 
> like this:

> http://rds.yahoo.com/S=1/K=r/v=3/e=0/t=0/i=1/r=1/*-http://google.com.s1gns.net/mortgage.asp

> Just curious what you guys thought.

If you run it through SpamAssassin or any other application that
knows how to deal with visible redirections like this you should
see it detected correctly.

See for example:



Jeff C.
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