[SURBL-Discuss] Question about scoring in SA3

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Wed May 18 15:46:38 CEST 2005

*This describes the four scoring numbers ....*
*score SYMBOLIC_TEST_NAME n.nn [ n.nn n.nn n.nn ]*
    Assign scores (the number of points for a hit) to a given test.
    Scores can be positive or negative real numbers or integers.
    is the symbolic name used by SpamAssassin for that test; for
    example, 'FROM_ENDS_IN_NUMS'. 

    If only one valid score is listed, then that score is always used
    for a test.

    If four valid scores are listed, then the score that is used depends
    on how SpamAssassin is being used. The first score is used when both
    Bayes and network tests are disabled (score set 0). The second score
    is used when Bayes is disabled, but network tests are enabled (score
    set 1). The third score is used when Bayes is enabled and network
    tests are disabled (score set 2). The fourth score is used when
    Bayes is enabled and network tests are enabled (score set 3).

    Setting a rule's score to 0 will disable that rule from running.

    If any of the score values are surrounded by parenthesis '()', then
    all of the scores in the line are considered to be relative to the
    already set score. ie: '(3)' means increase the score for this rule
    by 3 points in all score sets. '(3) (0) (3) (0)' means increase the
    score for this rule by 3 in score sets 0 and 2 only.

    If no score is given for a test by the end of the configuration, a
    default score is assigned: a score of 1.0 is used for all tests,
    except those who names begin with 'T_' (this is used to indicate a
    rule in testing) which receive 0.01.

    Note that test names which begin with '__' are indirect rules used
    to compose meta-match rules and can also act as prerequisites to
    other rules. They are not scored or listed in the 'tests hit'
    reports, but assigning a score of 0 to an indirect rule will disable
    it from running.

Kevin A. McGrail wrote:

>I've been very pleased with SURBL in SA3 and I'd like to increase the
>scores.  However, I don't understand how the default scores like this work:
>rules/50_scores.cf:score URIBL_AB_SURBL 0 2.007 0 0.417
>rules/50_scores.cf:score URIBL_OB_SURBL 0 1.996 0 3.213
>rules/50_scores.cf:score URIBL_PH_SURBL 0 0.839 0 2.000
>rules/50_scores.cf:score URIBL_SC_SURBL 0 3.897 0 4.263
>rules/50_scores.cf:score URIBL_WS_SURBL 0 0.539 0 1.462
>I feel SA is being too conservative with the resource that SURBL provides.
>Can anyone give me their recommendations for my local configuration file for
>replacement scores that will be more effective?
>And since I couldn't find it referenced, can anyone tell me what the four
>numbers after the score mean?
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