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Mon May 23 23:46:32 CEST 2005

>What about the WDRP spam apparently from them?  Is that possibly
>legitimate looking?
>From: "WDRP Compliance" <wdrp at>
>To: Domains at
>  May 25, 2004
> View Contact Data: <>
>Jeff C.
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	I thought I had made clear my beliefs about the "competence" of
eNom's procedures and personnel:-)

	Anyway, this is clearly not spam, but a misdirected - yet valid
communication for domain registration data checking.  Clearly sent to
the wrong person, but it isn't selling anything - it doesn't even link
to any other page except ICANN's rules about data verification.  It is
downright well behaved - no links to their own services, no pleas to
extend the registration period - one of the best I've seen of all that
I've gotten from any registrar I've used.  Just in typical fashion, they
sent it to the wrong place:-)  Do note that it is also typical eNom in
that it functions by a "negative" option - do nothing and they say they
will assume all the data is good;  I suspect that this is *not* acceptable
to ICANN (since if the contact data were false, the notice would likely
be ignored and hence no checking actually performed) - but it fits perfectly
the eNom model of let the customer be responsible for reporting and fixing
all errors.

	Most people I've played golf with "cheat" - some knowingly, some
accidentally - I long ago got used to people telling me that I should be
adding penalties to my own score for "mistakes".  This is sort of like
the French justice system in reverse (instead of the police having to
prove a defendant is innocent - let the defendant be responsible to show
that he is guilty).

	Anyway, just go to the link - No "spam" - innocent, but incompetent.

	Paul Shupak
	track at

P.S.  Now somebody should check if the data is actually valid for that domain;
It appears that at least there i a technical violation in that the listed fax
line goes unanswered during business hours!  I'd even guess that Donovan
Rittenbach doesn't even live there or have that telephone number anymore.
He has at least two other domains at the same address and telephone number.
The telephone number is unlisted (not normal for a business).

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