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Robert Menschel sare at menschel.net
Tue May 24 02:43:25 CEST 2005

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> Subject: name-services.com (was: Re: [SURBL-Discuss] whitelist: accuradio.com)
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> I've been watching this discussion without speaking up for
> a couple of days now.  the domain name-services is very popular with
> spammers (they seem to be lax in throwing them off), but it has *at
> least* 20x as many legitimate customers as "bad guys";  That said, I
> do always double-check when I see it turn up in a domain I'm already
> looking at - It is a good sign if you already have another reason for
> checking a domain, but they themselves are mostly extremely clean.  The
> big problem is the domain is operated by eNom for others, and we all
> probably are aware of the standard eNom procedure for complaints (i.e.
> forward it to the spammer and ask him to "fix" it) - this makes them
> look disproportionately bad.

> The domain name-services.com itself doesn't belong on any SURBLs
> (though it does exist within lots of Spamhaus and SPEWS records) or even
> on URIBL's greylist (though maybe SPEWS should L2 them and eNom itself).
> They have far, far too many legitimate customers.

> Just my opinion/experience.

But convincing to me. I've uploaded an update to my blacklist file,
with this domain removed.

Jeff -- by the same reasoning, it should be whitelisted?

Bob Menschel

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