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Catherine Hampton ariel at spambouncer.org
Sat Oct 8 20:54:53 CEST 2005

> > Let's start with a full disclosure for SURBL:  How many WL
> > hits does [see subject] really get, the two I found can't
> > be all, or do you only note the first hit per year ?  Bye

> This discussion is kinda useless here. It does have legitimate use, you 
> could ask to get it added on uribl.com, sinc they have different criteria. 
> Its no material for SURBL and we wont put them in to just show them they 
> should respond on abuse reports. List them in RFC-I, thats a appropriate 
> list for domains bouncing abuse mails... :)

Even on URIBL, the domain uk.geocities.com would qualify for,
at most, a listing on URIBL grey.  Given the stated goal of the
SURBLs -- *no* false positives -- they simply don't qualify 
for a SURBL listing.  That in no way means they aren't bouncing
SpamCop reports, or are handling their abuse issues properly.
It just means that web sites with legitimate users or a legitimate
purpose outside of spam do not get listed on SURBLs no matter how
abusive they are or how much spam they appear in.

Here's a recipe I've put in the SpamBouncer that catches most of
the spam with Geocities links I've been seeing.  Most of that spam
contains, not just a Geocities URL (not always uk.geocities.com),
but also a query right after the domain and first slash. If you 
block that pattern, you'll catch a lot of spam. So far, I've seen
*no* false positives -- in the SpamBouncer spamtrap or as complaints
from users of SpamBouncer 2.1 beta.

SpamBouncer is a huge set of Procmail recipes, so anyone who uses 
Procmail might find this handy:


# Geocities URL with a query
:0 B
* (^|[^0-9a-z]|[=%]20)http://[a-z]+(ÿ|\.|[=%]2E)geocities(ÿ|\.|[=%]2E)com/[0-9a-z][-_0-9a-z]+/\?


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