[SURBL-Discuss] Geocities ( and other free/anon hosts...) treated as virtual TLDs

Eric Montréal erv at mailpeers.net
Mon Oct 10 19:11:47 CEST 2005


I'm new here, so sorry if this have been previously debated.

I have seen your discussion about blacklisting geocities. This would 
create so many FP it's clearly impossible, but I wonder if treating 
these domains as 3rd / 4th level TLD could be the way to go ...


This (-munged) real spammy address 
http://uk.geocities-munged.com/Gonzalo_Freehling/ could be translated 
into gonzalo_freehling.uk.geocities-munged.com and then queried ...

The translation would require some specific code for these 'virtual TLD' 
domains in URIDNSBL.pm (for SA3) but would allow catching otherwise 
undetected URI, while having no FP for non spammy geocities sites.

For it to work, the 'virtual TLD' domains should be flagged, either by 
setting a specific bit in the returned data (during normal queries to 
the domain) or maintaining a downloadable list.

Does it make sense ?

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