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Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Tue Oct 11 10:52:22 CEST 2005

On Monday, October 10, 2005, 3:31:53 PM, Frank Ellermann wrote:
> Raymond Dijkxhoorn wrote:

>> Stats is just samples anyway, doesnt give a complete image.
>> So you better should not use it as a reference ;)

> It's the input for sc.surbl.org, it's required to be reliable,
> see also <http://www.surbl.org/data.html> with its link to
> <http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=inprogress;type=www>

Yes the log file Frank referred to is the hits against the
whitelist of new sc.surb.org additions.  It's not the same as the
whitelist hits of sample DNS queries into SURBL nameservice that
Raymond may have been thinking of.  Same whitelist, different

> If "sc2" will have some shortcut resulting in essentially the
> same input it's of course fine,

It's not the same input; it's a direct, private database query
into SpamCop.  Some of the data may be the same, some may not be.

> but public pages for users to
> check what happens with their "votes" are also very important.

There is no public page for sc2.

> And the day before yesterday there were numerous URLs with a
> reporting address postmaster#cc.yahoo-inc.com at devnull on this
> page, the same erroneous reporting address as for [see subject]

SpamCop is currently updating their contact address for Yahoo.

Really I don't want to talk about it further since these are the
private arrangements between SpamCop and Yahoo.  I have already
said they are working on it and that will need to be enough.

The less we reveal to spammers the better.

> But [see subject] didn't show up as a spamvertized URL, and so
> SURBL never saw it.  That SpamCop glitch (or whatever it was)
> was unrelated to private or dev-nulled reporting addresses.

SpamCop is aware of the Geocities spams, just like anyone else.
They are working on the reporting.

Jeff C.
Don't harm innocent bystanders.

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