[SURBL-Discuss] Program comments: surblhost

Christian Stigen Larsen csl at sublevel3.org
Wed Aug 16 10:53:14 CEST 2006


Den 15. aug. 2006 kl. 17.25 skrev Jeff Chan:
> Thanks much for writing this Christian!  Hope you don't mind some
> feedback that applies equally to any application using SURBL
> data:
> [...]

Thanks for your comments!

(1) Whitelist added
(2) Program now recognizes two-level TLDs as per your list
(3) I've changed these names to respectively "b.stearn/spamassassin"
     and prolocation/jwspamspy.  But if you still feel these do not
     correctly reflect the persons behind the lists, let me know.

There is a new version with these changes, along with an updated
homepage, on


I'm still in very much beta stage, so I'm very open to any suggestions!

PS:  I made the program for a URL redirection service at http:// 
      I've seen your guidelines for that and will update that site  


Christian Stigen Larsen, http://csl.sublevel3.org

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