[SURBL-Discuss] Fwd: Please pass on to SURBL lists...

Catherine Hampton ariel at spambouncer.org
Fri Mar 24 22:52:43 CET 2006

> > 1blu.de is a (relatively new) mass hoster - legit in any case

> Thanks much Alex and Dirk.  I'm whitelisting 1blu.de to prevent
> any Joe Jobs or chaff from getting it blacklisted.

Hey, gang, I'm here now. :)  Sorry I had to get Jeff to post that
for me.  Thanks for the info about moneymakergroup.com.  I'll list
them too; they certainly appear dirty.  And thanks for verifying
that 1blu.de is legitimate.

That was a stinking trick on the part of some spammers, maybe even
the idiots at moneymakergroup.com. :/  I just wanted to be sure
that people were aware of the joe job aspect and checked things
out even more carefully than usual because of it.

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