[SURBL-Discuss] Guestbook spam

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at surbl.org
Fri Nov 10 23:35:21 CET 2006


> see results on http://support.clean-mx.de/clean-mx/rbltest_results.txt  this 
> list is based on your input (and also preserves order)
> by we way you shall not block virgilio.it .....
> Web-Site-spamming either blogs guestbooks etc... has a different approach 
> from the point of view of their originators.

You might want to have a look on what you are blocking. Its easy to block, 
its less easy to get a low FP rating.

With blocking domains like demon.co.uk i would not like you to filter my 
mails of webforms. :) Same for deejay. it, one of the largest radio 
stations in Italy. Or what about Indiana University. Oh well.

I agree we could investigate some more to get als web based patterns 
going, not that hard to do. But the clean-mx service i think isnt a good 
example of how to do it properly, sorry.


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