[SURBL-Discuss] Re: [Uribl-discuss] Fw: Requesting Your Permission or "Why Mardev and Outward Media should be RBL Listed"

Kevin A. McGrail kmcgrail at pccc.com
Thu Apr 19 16:32:09 CEST 2007

> We collect 100% of our emails by opt in and document every permission. 
> And, if you had read anything I have written you would know that I 
> recommend that all other companies follow this policy and go beyond the 
> legislation.
> We do no mass broadcasting. A typical communication would be an email to a 
> farmer who has told us that he has pigs, receiving a notification about a 
> swine flu inoculation.

Really?  While this might be a personal position, the evidence again Mardev 
available from a simple web search does NOT agree.

"Mardev is the list management division of Reed Business Information
(RBI), the world's largest business information supplier. We specialize in
business-to-business (B2B) lists for direct marketing campaigns. Our lists 
all market sectors including manufacturing, mining, entertainment, finance,
media, building & construction & travel. We have access to over 300 B2B
databases worldwide, including 300,000 Australian records."

>From the Department of Trade and Industry in the UK, you even supported 
changing the law in the UK asking that the law allow B2B SPAM without 
consent based on the opt-out principle:


"We have reviewed the responses in detail to ensure that we provide you with 
an accurate list and have found that six organisations supported opt-out for 
business-to-business direct marketing emails."

Those six organisations, according to the DTI, were Cable & Wireless, 
Information & Research Services, Holiday-Rentals.com, Mardev, Masterclass 
and Taylor Wessing.

So, as I understand it, no only is it legal in the UK to use opt-out b2b 
mailing practices but your firm helped change the law for this.  And your 
firm directly utilizes AND advertises based on this loophole:


DecisionMaker Portrait allows marketers to identify the contacts available 
within DecisionMaker - Mardev's business targeting database of over 2.8m 
named UK records - that are most likely to respond to their proposition. The 
model offers a sophisticated method of selecting prospects that will 
significantly improve response rates and win more business.

Is what you are doing legal, sure.  Is it spam?  In my opinion, yes.


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