[SURBL-Discuss] service problem?

Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Tue Jun 12 06:28:09 CEST 2007

Quoting Raymond Dijkxhoorn <raymond at prolocation.net>:

> Hi!
> > I collect my blocklist collection from different sources till a long time.
> > So multi.surbl.com was listed somewhere as a working RBL server.
> >
> > I notice this 'error' only till friday, before that this host worked
> > perfectly.
> If you want to use the list thats provided, thats your own free choise,
> but at least check the webpage how it should be setup:
> You found the discussion list, so i guess you could also have a look on
> the website. That this was working for you before was more a coicidence
> then command use, to just pick a random domain and expect a rbl on it ;)
> All referances on the website point to .org, i think you are consufed with
> uribl.com, they use .com. SURBL doesnt.
> But now you know how to use it, just close this thread. Thanks.
> Bye,
> Raymond.

Hmmmm, maybe I should just zero out all content in the surbl.com and surbl.net
zone files.

Perhaps this would prevent some confusion?


Jeff C.

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