[SURBL-Discuss] RFC: Adding malwaredomains.com data to phishinglist?

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> Some of the sites are clearly malware, but there are a lot of
> semi-legitimate, high traffic sites on there, many of which are
> already whitelisted. I'm all for adding more data, but it looks like
> the amount of filtering may be so high it is not worth it for this
> source.
> How would you handle the filtering? It looks like it would have to be
> done manually.

Seems to me that if the SOURCE of the data is reliable and correct (in that
the site DOES contain malaria), but the domain is whitelisted somewhere,
then it's a good reason to remove the whitelisting. Not to remove the
listing from the malaria list.

My complaint (not actually complaining about this list in particular) is
that too many domains and/or IP's are whitelisted on lists generally (and I
AM talking generally here). It's the "they have some legit customers"
syndrome - so what if they do ? If they screw up they get blacklisted until
they clean up their act - it's that simple.

ISP's ESP's & webhosts who act responsibly and in a timely fashion get given
the benefit of the doubt. Those that don't - well - don't !!

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