[SURBL-Discuss] RFC: Adding malwaredomains.com data to phishinglist?

Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Wed Nov 28 09:46:09 CET 2007

Quoting "Phil (Medway Hosting)" <phil at medwayhosting.com>:

> Seems to me that if the SOURCE of the data is reliable and correct (in that
> the site DOES contain [malware]), but the domain is whitelisted somewhere,
> then it's a good reason to remove the whitelisting. Not to remove the
> listing from the [malware] list.

We use our whitelist internally to exclude domains from blacklisting.  If a site
is whitelisted, it is generally assumed to be a responsible operation that would
actively correct compromised sites, remove malware content, phishing sites,
spammed sites, etc.  Therefore the logic of un-doing the whitelisting if
malware appears would be arguably incorrect.  The ones who are whitelisted are
the ones likely to do the right thing.

Jeff C.

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