[SURBL-Discuss] False Positive - seonetworker.com

Ferny Ceballos fernando.ceballos at gmail.com
Wed Dec 24 08:55:33 CET 2008


I just wanted to report a false positive with the domain, seonetworker.com.

This domain is owned by my company, Attraction Marketing Formula, LLC. (

It's a new domain, which is why it may have raised a redflag.

A request for removal was sent, (ST #2452779).

seonetworker.com is a training site for the home business industry and the
owner information is public, which can be found with a 'whois' search.

I've sent multiple request via the recommended channels with no response,
and found this list and read that part of it's function is to report false

I look forward to contributing further.

Fernando Ceballos & Raymond Fong

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