[SURBL-Discuss] familiar with xml?

kieran mullen kieranmullen at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 20:25:29 CET 2008

SURBL was great when it was running. It made me wonder if I should
even run any other RBL's at all?

This is off topic already but what is generally thought to have less overhead?

It would seem to be that RBLs would but their effectiveness have
really dropped with the use of massive botnets.

Anyhow regarding my topic...

something has changed in the usage of the lists and so my false
positives has jumped.

This is doug swallows plugin for Icewarp MerakMail. (the author has
long since dropped support for this project)


I have altered the scope to not include the header (from the surblg
list I was told to) and also to not scan the ip addresses but to no

I was getting false positives for test invites I was sending myself
from linked in.

I believe it is the way counting is performed that is messing things
up a bit. From the looks of it a count of 1 is rejected, but 1 is
added to everything anyway  surbl_multi_count += 1

Appreciate any information

Thank you


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