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I just looked at the difference.  Use the comma!!!


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>> At--  SURBL usage policy: http://www.surbl.org/usage-policy.html
>> I get very different pricing depending whether I input 80,000 users
>> or 80000 users (same number, no comma).
>> Number of messages does not affect it.
>> At the price for 80,000 (sic) I have no objection at all.  At the
>> other price I'll really have to analyze how much we block with it.
>> I'm not sure what conclusion I will reach.
> I do not speak for SURBL in any way. I would say anyone who is thinking of
> not using it due to policy changes should discuss this with them OFFLIST. 
> I
> believe this is not ment to hinder people using it, or even become filthy
> rich. Just to keep the darn thing running :) But thats just my opinion.
> Jeff is good people ;)
> --Chris
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