[SURBL-Discuss] [SURBL-Announce] SURBL Usage Policy change

Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Fri Nov 7 10:42:08 CET 2008

On 11/6/08, Paul Shields <paul.shields at blueyonder.co.uk> wrote:
> On 6 Nov 2008, at 18:27, Jeff Chan wrote:
>  > On Thursday, November 6, 2008, 9:55:40 AM, Alex Marinkovic wrote:
>  >> How does this effect current rsync subscribers?  How long will
>  >> current
>  >> rsync access remain available?
>  >
>  >> Thanks,
>  >> Alex
>  >
>  > Hi Alex,
>  > Thanks for bringing up another point I didn't address in the
>  > announcement but probably should have.  All large rsync users
>  > would be asked to pay, but there would be a 90 day grace period.
> Whoops, I must have missed the initial post on this.
>  So do I take it that the current free rsync feed we use for our mail
>  servers will be ending soon? As a fairly large ISP (2 million
>  mailboxes, up to 20 million mails per day) the new charges will cost
>  us around $20,000/per annum. I'm really very appreciative of the work
>  done by SURBL and will certainly lobby for us to continue with the
>  feed. Unfortunately these things are determined by the corporate bean
>  counters :).
>  Can I have some more formal information about when the current rsync
>  feed will terminate? Also some more detail on support/service
>  guarantees/escalation procedures would be useful when putting forward
>  the case for funding.
>  Thanks
>  Paul

Hi Paul,
Yes, all the current rsyncers will be contacted with details such as
you're requesting.  Your suggestions are very reasonable and helpful

Regarding making a case for value, you may want to compare what it
would cost to filter without SURBLs.  That would also be very useful
feedback to us about our pricing.

Cheers and thanks,

Jeff C.

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