[SURBL-Discuss] regarding SURBL Blacklist Removal Request

Jose-Marcio Martins da Cruz Jose-Marcio.Martins at ensmp.fr
Thu Nov 20 10:47:37 CET 2008

Catherine Jefferson wrote:
>> We've submitted a removal request for our domain skyquestcom.com using
>> LOOKUP page in surbl.com (filled in the complete form and the response page
>> show "your request has been received")
>> Yet our domain is still in the blacklist.
>> May I know usually how long will it take for our domain to be removed from
>> the list?
> In this case, probably quite a while, and it is likely that the 
> removal request will be denied.  I am not SURBL, but you are on
> two SURBL lists -- the Outblaze list and the William Stearns/
> SpamAssassin list.  Your domain got onto those lists because:
> 1) You hit the spam metrics used by the listing engine at Outblaze,   
>    the world's largest outsourced email provider.
> 2) Your domain was actually seen in spam received by William Stearns
>    or another anti-spammer that works with SURBL and does manual
>    examination of spam samples.
> In other words, outgoing email containing your URL convinced both
> a good computer heuristic *and* at least one human being that it
> was spam.  It further convinced the human being that your domain
> was actually being advertised in the spam on purpose, and was not
> the victim of an attempt to smear your company's reputation.  So
> getting your domain delisted will probably require more than a
> request; it may require convincing the SURBL maintainers that you
> have stopped doing whatever it was that caused spam to be sent in
> your company's name.

Me too, I'm not from SURBL, but it seems to me that this isn't the SURBL listing philosophy.

As long as I know, people sending *both* HAM and SPAM aren't listed. I other words, domains listed 
are those appearing *only* in spams and *never* in hams.

The reason is to privilegiate a low false positive rate. Usually, it's better to get some additional 
spam than loosing some ham.

But legitimate domains, as probably is "skyquest" are highly invited to not send spams, or to call 
it in a different way : unsolicited commercial e-mails, or marketing campaigns.

My two cents.


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