[SURBL-Discuss] Mailing list gets bounces from my mail providerbecause of surbl

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at fantomas.sk
Thu Apr 16 09:44:27 CEST 2009

> From: "Daniel Dickinson" <cshore at brucetelecom.com>
> > My ISP (www.bmts.com - Bruce Telecom, reachable at
> > tech at brucetelecom.com) uses surbl to detect and block SPAM, however the
> > debian mailing lists do not and this results in bounces of mail sent to
> > the debian mailing lists and through it to me through my provider.
> > This is bad because the debian mailing lists unsubscribe users who have
> > too many bounces.

On 15.04.09 21:29, Kevin A. McGrail wrote:
> Not speaking on behalf of SURBL but using SURBL to block email is not a 
> recommended usage. From http://www.surbl.org/
> "direct blocking at the MTA level is not recommended. It's generally better 
> to use SURBLs along with multiple, weighted factors, as SpamAssasssin does."

My question is, how does BMTS detect spam. If it uses spamassassin, allows
users configure their preferences and SA uses them, user could apparently
whitelist debian lists so mail from them wouldn't be rejected.
(this might be question to spamassassin-users list)

> However, additionally, why are so many messages to the debian mailing list 
> hitting surbl domains?  Even the anti-spam mailing lists don't have this 
> problem that much.  If you are discussing questionable domains use 
> <domain>-munge.com for example.
> Or is the debian list infiltrated by spammers who are sending spam?  Are you 
> in digest mode and it's hitting on a bunch of email addresses or something?

I've seen it already happen, that spammer subscribed debian mailing list to
send spam there. Since debian list policy recommends its members not to
reject mail from it (quite correct I'd say, I did whitelist them), it may be
interesting for spammers to spam through them                                                                        

> > I think they are wrong and not understand.  Could someone kindly beat
> > the over the head with instruction on how to whitelist listz.debian.org
> > so that it is not blocked even if a surbl blacklisted URL is in the
> > mail?

It depends on the way BMTS uses surbl...
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