[SURBL-Discuss] Mailing list gets bounces from my mail providerbecause of surbl

Kevin Olson kevino at mxtools.com
Thu Apr 16 17:37:14 CEST 2009


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> Hi,
> My ISP (www.bmts.com - Bruce Telecom, reachable at
> tech at brucetelecom.com) uses surbl to detect and block SPAM, 

Actually, they use Google's Postini, which uses SURBL.  

> My ISP tells me to contact you to get the offending site 
> removed, however I don't object to the site blacklisted, but 
> to the listz.debian.org mail bouncing.  I asked them to 
> whitelist it but they just reiterated that I had to contact you.

In your Postini control panel, you can add the debian list to your
approved sender list.  This will bypass spam filters.
Your Bruce Telecom email administrator has done this for you.
> I think they are wrong and not understand.  Could someone 
> kindly beat the over the head with instruction on how to 
> whitelist listz.debian.org so that it is not blocked even if 
> a surbl blacklisted URL is in the mail?

Now that the debian list is whitelisted for your account, no head
beatings are necessary.

- Kevin

PS - Jeff or other SURBL devs, if you want the offending email headers,
etc., let me know.  It looks like it was Postini that blocked a message,
based on a SURBL listing for medlistsources<munged>.com.  Perhaps we
need to get ahold of Google re: blocking policy?

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