[SURBL-Discuss] Notification of Blacklist Status

Petros Kolyvas pk at shiftfocus.ca
Fri Jul 3 15:05:55 CEST 2009

> To be clear, the owner of the phished brand usually makes very
> thorough efforts to contact the site owner or web host to let them
> know about it and to ask them to correct the problem.

If you've been reading the discussion, you'll know that's not the case  
in this case - and further points that our site was never used for any  

>> Our host even claimed that: The domain is not directly hosting the
>> phishing attack. Due to the fact that the server is running UserDir
>> functionality, other user accounts can be accessed through the /
>> ~username path. My ISP has confirmed that the UserDir functionality
>> will be removed from all server within 48 hours.

And again, obviously not reading the discussion since the server was  
not ours and we did everything we could, including asking our web host  
to fix the problem and to contact the SURBL whitelisters - who did not  
answer them.

The most nagging issues from my previous message were completely  

That's fine. No one likes to be told their system is broken. "They who  
can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety,  
deserve neither liberty nor safety." The famous Ben Franklin' quote  
used by OpenBSD team fits in quite nicely here.

I hope everyone understands how something like this can affect a small  
business. With a crew of just two we can't afford to spend this much  
time on a something we had no control over when we're trying our best  
to stay afloat in difficult times.

Clearly false positives are less of a concern that they should be.

Still wishing you all the best,
Petros Kolyvas

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