[SURBL-Discuss] Notification of Blacklist Status

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at surbl.org
Sat Jul 4 09:44:49 CEST 2009


> Please re-read what I wrote above. Read it again.  Then read it once
> more. There are people who can help if English comprehension is
> something that needs to be worked on.

The only thing you need help with is someone who can explain you what 
userdir is and that it was abused on YOUR domain, not on others on that 
server, YOUR domain was advertised in the spams.

That you rent a cheap colo server, and want a free ride with that, fine, 
but thats your choice. You also could have picked a more secure way to 
have a web precence. Not saying you should, but saying every hosting has 
its price. And this is what you get.

You can keep writing that we are wrong and more, but could it be you are 
wrong here, and not us. I have been silent all along but its getting 
embarasing now. Please stop writing more mails on the list here. Your 
delisting request is handled on the whitelist alias, thats where this 
discussion should take place. Not here.

We are not here to help you understand how hosting works, hire a security 
expert to do that. We do however have a pretty high understanding of what 
went wrong on your server. Telling it isnt you is simply not enough, 
sorry. If your domain was used in phish, and with your domain, on your 
server, its you! No matter how you like to turn away the issue on your 
hoster. You picked this hoster, you pay this hoster, we dont, you do.

In the end you are responsible for your domain, you pick the hosting. You 
dediced to put this on a shared server.

Talk to us on the whitelist alias, not here, talking here will not help 
you getting delisted at all. We asked two simple questions. Is the site 
secure now. Your hoster told he will disable userdirs, is this done 
allready? If not, write back to us on the whitelist alias, not here, i 
repeat, not here. The discussion list isnt for delisting request and you 
have been given showtime enough here now.


Raymond Dijkxhoorn - SURBL STAFF.

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