[SURBL-Discuss] Notification of Blacklist Status

Steve Sobol sjsobol at justthe.net
Sat Jul 4 09:26:30 CEST 2009

Maybe instead of having an attitude, you should understand that you're exposing your organization to a lot of liability by not fixing your problem, if in fact you haven't fixed it yet.

If you haven't fixed it yet, you need to stop whining on this mailing list, and go fix it ASAP. If you're avoiding the questions posed to you earlier in this thread, I imagine that you *haven't* fixed anything yet.

Break-ins happen. But if you don't fix the damage, you could be opening yourself up for civil damages or criminal charges (I'm not a lawyer, and I am not familiar with Canadian law; I'm assuming things up there work in a similar manner to the way they work in the US). 

This is *not* a threat. I have no intention of pursuing legal action against you. I'm just stating the cold, hard facts.

Steve Sobol, Victorville, CA
sjsobol at JustThe.net

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