[SURBL-Discuss] Help!!!!!!!!!!!

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at surbl.org
Fri May 8 00:35:38 CEST 2009


> No Raymond it is not clear and your unilateral "I'm closing the thread" 
> reply is not going to wash.
> If you look at the removal form it does NOT offer any means for a 
> person whose domain is listed to get delisted unless they can provide 
> email headers etc.,
> Now if you want to be a list nazi that's your prerogative, but unless 
> you accept that the SURBL website is flawed I'm afraid you're going to 
> lose support from ISPs like ourselves

If you want to talk about the SURBL site please open a new thread, no 
problem at all. We are handling this whitelist request with the person 

We just do not handle delisting requests on the mailinglist. Thats not 
what is is here for. We cannot hand out example material here on the list. 
We cannot discuss things that we regularly do on the whitelist alias.

We get various delisting requests a week and they are handled in a 
professional way. There are a lot of well known people on that alias and 
thats what its used for.

If the form needs to be changed, fine, tell so, but dont drop your 
whitelist requests here. We wont handle them here.


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