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webdev webdev at storedk.com
Fri May 8 03:04:08 CEST 2009

You missed my point. When I tried to send email to the whitelist address given, it
was rejected.

All I'm saying is that people should be given an opportunity to clear their name.
Your system assumes that the blacklisted domain has been sending advertising and
you want to judge whether it's spam or not. If we don't use the domain for
advertising, we have no way of complying with your form requirements. When we
tried to contact you using the alternate method, our email was rejected by your
servers, because it is on your blacklist.

I understand that you are not blocking anything, but recommending it to people who
trust your list results in the same thing. We have to go to each recipient and ask
that they stop using your list in order to get our mail through. It would be
better for all concerned, to make it easier to correct the problem at it's source.

The present system clogs up the list with things that should be handled in
private, and results in people having to drop your service in order to receive
legitimate email. That means the spammers win.

BTW, How would blacklisting a domain NOT hurt legitimate email from that domain?

Raymond Dijkxhoorn wrote:
> Hi!
>> "We just do not handle delisting requests on the mailinglist. Thats not
>> what is is here for."
>> That is understood. What is not understood is why it is so hard to get a delisting
>> request through proper channels, that many have to resort to this list out of
>> desperation. If we don't have the magic formula to get the site to accept our
>> request, and our mail is rejected, what are we supposed to do?
>> You call us spammers and slam the door in our face. As bad as spam is, I think it
>> is worse to interfere with legitimate email and provide no way to report mistakes.
> With every list there will be people saying it will hurt their legitimate 
> mailflow. We do not block anything hoewever. Its every mailproviders free 
> choise to pick a list for filtering mail.
> If your delisting request wasnt handled like you expected drop a not on 
> whitelist at surbl.org and we will follow up with you there.
> Thanks,
> Raymond.
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