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> This is a ridiculous situation and saying that you are not blocking
> anything is an unacceptable denial of responsibility.

Firstly, I will point out I am not on SURBL staff. I am a mere user of the
list.. You are wrong I am afraid. It is MY responsibility if I choose to use
SURBL to block mails. My servers, my rules. What you are saying is akin to
blaming the knife manufacturer for someone getting stabbed. How I use a tool
is completely up to me and SURBL is tool.

Secondly, you do not know the history of the listing and neither do I, so
there could be VERY good reasons it is listed.

If the owners of the domain listed have not requested a delisting, then I
suggest you contact them to do so, but one thing to bear in mind here - just
because a domain has "some" legit customers, does not mean that "all" or
even "most" of their users are legitimate. Seeing that the domain has been
listed since 22nd March, they have either already requested a delisting but
were unable to solve the issues that caused the listing, or they haven't
bothered !! Either way, it is up to them to sort the issue out. Not you I am

> You are
> providing the means for email to be blocked and recommending ISPs use
> it so accept your responsibility.

If SURBL was not a reliable list, it would not be used, worldwide, and be
amongst the most respected lists on the net.

All the best



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