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Peter Bowyer peter at bowyer.org
Sun May 17 19:45:15 CEST 2009

2009/5/17 Peter Haworth <pete at mollysrevenge.com>:
> I have taken it up with them and with the service that I use to send out my
> newsletters, and I'm sorry but if legitimate emails are being blocked
> because of information provided by SURBL, then it most definitely does have
> something to do with them.

SURBL have published processes for listing and de-listing, and
published criteria. The ISP using SURBL data will have reviewed those
criteria, and made their own decision what email to block, and how
much weight to give those criteria.

If you can demonstrate that SURBL have acted contrary to their own
published processes and criteria in listing the domain in question,
then the owner of the domain has a legitimate beef with SURBL, If not,
the only place to complain is to the ISP who elected to use SURBL's
data to block emails outright.

If you review the SURBL website, you'll see that they advise against
outright blocking. At no time do they warrant that a listed domain
only ever appears in spam (which is impossible) - they simply say that
it has appeared in spam.

Peter (a user, not speaking for SURBL)

Peter Bowyer
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