[SURBL-Discuss] In response to May 8th "Help!!!' posting

Bill Landry bill at inetmsg.com
Sun May 17 19:52:12 CEST 2009

Michele Neylon :: Blacknight wrote:
> The ISPs are blocking the mail. Why don't you take it up with them?
> It's got nothing to do with SURBL

This is a totally ridiculous and inconsiderate response.  The listing in
SURBL has EVERYTHING to do SURBL.  The issue the OP is concerned about
is the listing in SURBL.  It is patently absurd to expect someone to
contact every email admin on the planet to ask them to whitelist their

With that being said, the OP should be pointed to the proper process for
handling these types of issues.  Even though it is not easy to find on
the surbl.org website, send your delist request to whitelist at surbl.org
and if your request is legitimate, hopefully that will garner a more
civil response.


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