[SURBL-Discuss] In response to May 8th "Help!!!' posting

SURBL Whitelisters whitelist at surbl.org
Mon May 18 06:21:27 CEST 2009

On 5/17/09, Bill Landry <bill at inetmsg.com> wrote:

>  With that being said, the OP should be pointed to the proper process for
>  handling these types of issues.  Even though it is not easy to find on
>  the surbl.org website, send your delist request to whitelist at surbl.org

FWIW There are 8 links to the lookup and removal page on the SURBL web site:

contact.html:the <a href="lookup/"
faq.html:the <a href="lookup/"
faq.html:the <a href="lookup/"
index.html:     <li><a href="lookup/" target="_blank">Lookup</a>
left.html:<li><a href="lookup/" target="_blank">Lookup</a>
links.html:<li><a href="lookup/">SURBL Lookup</a>
lists.html:the <a href="lookup/"
news.html:<a href="lookup/">Lookup</a> page.

Please suggest where else we should link the lookup and removal page
on our site and we will consider adding more links.

Please note that the form should be used for most removal requests.
It's only in the unusual case that someone was not able to use the
form that they should use the email address whitelist at surbl.org

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