[SURBL-Discuss] Blacklisted for no good reason

Chris Santerre csanterre at MerchantsOverseas.com
Mon May 18 17:42:12 CEST 2009

> The emails were sent from the band's domain,  
> mollysrevenge.com, using the commercial newsletter service, FanBridge.

I do not speak for SURBL. 

FanBridge was listed, not your band domain. You are prbly clean as a
whistle. You just chose the wrong partner. 

> So how am I supposed to deal with this? 

You complain to Fanbridge, or to the people that blocked you. As said
before, SURBL does not block spam anymore then the Better Business Bureau
stops you from walking into a Jiffy Lube to get your oil changed. 

> Fanbridge is a legitimate  
> business 

That is not capable of using clean email lists. Proven time and time again. 

>with thousands of customers.  

The number of customers has no bearing on this. 

>  I have no idea why you 
> chose to  
> blacklist them and I don;t really care,

That's a great way to get the antispam community on your side. Tell us you
don't care. 

> all I know is that 
> legitimate  
> emails are being intercepted as a result and that's an unacceptable  
> situation. 

Yes it is. Its very unacceptable. We don't like spam, and people made a list
of people who send spam. Some of us use it. Its not mandatory. 

> If this happened with USPS mail, you'd be guilty of a  
> felony.

The internet is not ruled by US law.  

> Catchall solutions to internet spam that result in legitimate emails  
> being blocked are unacceptable.

You got that right! We all understand that. But SURBL is not a catchall. No
one is made to use the list. And everyone is clearly told that blocking
emails based on the list is prbly not a good idea! But those of us with
clean inboxes do, and it works, and we thank SURBL. 

Good Luck,

Chris Santerre

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