[SURBL-Discuss] [SURBL-Announce] Most Abused TLDs report added

Kris Deugau kdeugau at vianet.ca
Tue Nov 3 15:55:17 CET 2009

SURBL Announcement list [READONLY] wrote:
> SURBL has added a report of Most Abused TLDs. This is a daily count of
> the TLDs most commonly appearing in SURBL data and is an indication of
> relative abuse levels.
>   http://www.surbl.org/tld-subtotals.head

Some interesting numbers, but what might be more interesting is to see 
the *percentage* of domains in each TLD - .com domains may be highest on 
the list, but I suspect there are far more .com domains overall as well, 
and the percentage of abused .net and .info domains is much closer to 
the .com (possibly higher).


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