[SURBL-Discuss] removal does not work!?

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at prolocation.net
Tue Mar 15 10:25:45 CET 2011


> one of my customers has problems sending email to certain recipients. he
> found out, that his domain "seegerundkollegen.de" is listed on surbl which
> might be the reason for mails being rejected. i have thoroughly checked the
> server and cleaned up all problematic files. there definitely had been
> ftp-abuse so we altered all ftp-accounts also. the server is clean and
> secure now.
> we have requested removal from the surbl ph-list about ten days ago - no
> effect up to now! the domain is still listed L
> what can we do to solve this issue quickly? it is really important to free
> this domain!

Removal works fine, but a delisting mail is not a wildcard for granted 
removal. So if its stil lbeeing listed then its beeing worked on or 
awaiting additional information.

The discuss list is not the right place to talk this over. The whitelist 
alias should be used there.

PH will recheck your hacked sites and most likely you missed one or more 
so you end up still beeing listed.

I close this thread, please continue talks on the whitelist.


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