[SURBL-Discuss] rbldnsd & IPv6?

Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Sun Feb 12 07:20:26 CET 2012

On Saturday, February 11, 2012, 3:17:25 PM, Dave Funk wrote:
> Anybody have experience running rbldnsd (serving surbl zones) on
> IPv6 addresses?
> Clearly the data -in- the zones are IPv4 values but the servers
> can communicate using IPv6 addresses.

> I'm in the process of a general config refresh & IPv6 deployment
> and noticed that the surbl dns servers lists that my copies are in
> (a.surb.org & b.surbl.org) only contain IPv4 addrs (A records), no
> AAAA records.

> So is this just inertial or is there a reason for not listing IPv6
> addrs for rbldnsd servers? I did a local test with rbldnsd-0.996b
> on SLES11-SP1 and it seems to run/answer on IPv6 just fine.

> Dave

Hi Dave,
SURBL has nameservers running on IPv6 addresses.  If you'd like
to provide DNS service over v6, I think we an add your servers to
the delegations for that. 

SURBL does not currently blacklist IPv6 addresses, but it may in


Jeff C.

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