[SURBL-Discuss] URL Shortener Abuse Data

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Fri Mar 23 10:47:28 CET 2012

On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 6:20 PM, Ron Guerin <ron at vnetworx.net> wrote:
> I am making this available in the event it is interesting or useful to
> someone.  It is a really rough first effort, and I expect to do
> something more useful with it as time goes on.
> With the caveat that this should be considered "experimental data", I
> have finally begun to publish some abuse data.  This data is presently
> re-generated hourly.
> http://tighturl.com/tighturl-abuse-ips.csv
> http://tighturl.com/tighturl-abuse-domains.csv
> The IP addresses are those that have submitted URLs that have been
> banned at tighturl.com within the last 7 days.  They are in the format:
>  unixtimestamp,IPv4address
> The domains are base domains[1] that have been banned from tighturl.com
> or have been submitted by currently banned IP addresses within the last
> 7 days.  They are in the format:
>  unixtimestamp,basedomain
> I have not found over time that an IP address that submits abuse also
> submits non-abuse.
> I'm interested in comments or suggestions.
> - Ron

Hi Ron,
Thanks for some interesting research.  One thing we might caution about
is forming an unintentional feedback loop with abusers.  If abuse information
is provided publically then it can be used by the attackers to improve their
attacks.  We don't know that it's happening in this case, but it's something
to be aware of.

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