[SURBL-Discuss] one-time access to rbldnsd/rpz data for testing

Brent Bice bbice at sgi.com
Tue Jun 18 00:24:26 CEST 2013

    Hey guys. I was just looking over the service (sounds promising) but 
before I start using an RBL (or similar service), especially one we have 
to pay for access to, I always run some tests first. In this case, I'd 
take a few months worth of DNS query logs and run that through a perl 
script to see which hostnames would be caught by the RPZ.

    Obviously, I'd only do this if I had the data mirrored locally so 
I'm not beating up on anyone else's DNS servers. :-)

    So... Is there a way I can get one-time access to the RPZ and 
rbldnsd formatted data just so I can run some sanity checks?  If I can 
quantify the number of URLs the users here queried for that the RPZ 
would otherwise have blocked (we run our own in-house RPZ too), I could 
then do a cost/benefit analysis for the folks who pay the bills, 
assuming it was catching stuff our own RPZ isn't.

    Possible?  I'd only run it on one, non-production DNS server here 
for testing and would toss the data when I was finished, unless we 
decided to use it in production and pay for access...


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