[SURBL-Discuss] [WL #MOW-858-96621]: olsuswaenergy . com SURBL Phishing, Malware, Cracked Site Removal Request

SURBL Whitelist whitelist at surbl.org
Tue Dec 18 21:00:03 CET 2018

Dear Requestor,

The site has been removed from the blacklist.  We do not
have the ability to see if the site has been properly secured. 
Please hire a security expert to do a full security audit on the 
web site and all computers used to connect to it.  Insecure 
computers may be broken into again and used for phishing, 
identity theft, malware, stealing banking passwords, etc., 
including yours.

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: MOW-858-96621
Department: Whitelist
Type: Removal Request
Status: Open

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