[SURBL-Discuss] help urgently needed (with removal), but SURBL is not reacting/answering

Michael Krutwig michael at krutwig.com
Fri Feb 2 13:19:34 CET 2018

Hello community,

id there anyone who can help me? We are DESPERATELY trying to get our 
domain krumedia.com removed from the ABUSE list. We are a are a 
legitimate business and not spamming at all. This list entry raises the 
damage to our company from day to day.

Several removal request have been made over the last two weeks. We were 
receving a confirmation ticket by mail and that was it. If i reply to 
this ticket - no response.

What can i do? We are no spammer, even have no newsletters. We did 
carefully check all sites for hacks. We did even create an anti spam 
policy page on our site. The (quite low) traffic on our site never had 
any suspect traffic peak, so we really don't belive that our domain 
could have appeared in any mass mailings. We have no clue why our domain 
is on this list. The common faq and help texts/link doesn't get me further.

This is SO MUCH frustrating and it really causes a lot of extra work and 

What can we do more? Really need HELP!


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